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Your customers are on Facebook Messenger Are you?

Your customers have questions

And they wan’t you to answer as quickly as possible. That’s why they choose to reach you through Facebook Messenger. Improve your clients satisfaction by answering instantly at the most frequent questions and show them that you are listening.

Tell the story your customer want to hear.

It’s not about your product. What matters is the story you are telling. Everybody like stories. Find a good one and let your customers be part of it.

Two ways to engage your customers.

When somebody order your product it is the opportunity to start a relationship. Cogito connects businesses with customers wherever they are.

No news is bad new.

This is the end of untrackable orders and clients counting days. Cogito keep your clients up to date at every steps of their delivery. Almost making waiting enjoyable 😉.

Don’t leave your clients high and dry.

Some of your customer want your product so bad, that they keep refreshing the page until it finally shows up. Don’t let them waste their time, notify them when it’s back in stock!

Express your personnality.

Get in touch with your customers and show them what makes you unique.

Messenger is special

Messenger is a place where your clients connect with their friends and family. To get inside the circle, Cogito gives you a way to share with them interesting and playful informations.

Start strong relationships

Make your story engaging to your clients through conversational campaigns. Cogito gives you insights on the shopping experience of each of your customers. You are sure to always send your message at the right time.

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